What is it?


BS8484:2011 is the British Standard for suppliers of device/app based Lone Worker services.

The purpose of this website is to provide a resource for all those with an interest in Best Practice for the protection of Lone Workers and vulnerable people; customers, suppliers, ARCs or anyone else who wants information and contacts.

BS8484 is about Response which does not necessarily mean Protection.  Both are addressed on different pages: Click here for Response and here for Protection.

BS8484 focuses on the measures needed to bring the highest level of police response, not normally available through the 999 system, to those who need it in an emergency and who cannot do so themselves. While not every situation will require police response, meeting their stringent requirements means demands for other forms of response, many coming through the police, will also be met.

Before the police commit themselves to this level of response they need to know that such a request has been verified as genuine which means that it comes from an organisation which meets BS8484. The standard applies to service suppliers who have had to go through the rigours of meeting the standard’s requirements.

Users of the BS8484 website will benefit from:

  • BS8484; explanation, background and news
  • A table of Accredited Companies
  • Lobbying influential organisations
  • An insight into Best Practice