Nov 292015

There are some changes to British Standards which affect Lone Worker monitoring.

Changes involve the following standards:

  1. BS5979:2007. Remote centres receiving signals from fire and security systems. Code of practice.
  2. BS8591:2014. Remote centres receiving signals from alarm systems. Code of practice
  3. EN 50518-3:2011. Monitoring and alarm receiving centre. Procedures and requirements for operation

The new European standard EN 50518 is one of a new series of standards for alarm monitoring which are anticipated to form the benchmark for European ARC’s moving forward – particularly in terms of how the Police respond to relevant alarms.

EN50518 applies only to ARCs monitoring intruder and hold-up alarms.  However, an EU standard takes precedence over UK standards and therefore UK ARCs have to adhere to it rather than BS5979 as regards these two alarm types.

As a result BS5979 has been withdrawn and superseded.  It has been replaced by an interim UK standard called BS8591 which does not refer to intruder and hold-up alarms but does cover the various alarms not covered by EN50518, i.e. fire, social, CCTV, lone worker devices and vehicle tracking.   Therefore the two, 50518 and 8591 run in parallel.

Although BS5979 has been withdrawn and superseded by BS8591 it still remains in force for existing ARCs.   Any future ARCs will have to meet BS8591 and 50518.

There is no intention to withdraw the URN support from BS5979 ARCs for Lone Workers.

Which all shows how exciting is the world of standards!

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