Dec 172015

Should Lone Worker protection fit into the corporate structure?  Or should it stand alone?

Does anything in an organisation stand alone?  In practice everything is connected one way or another.  Lone Worker would sit comfortably under the overall heading of the employer’s safety & security strategy where its provisions would work best when incorporated into everyday working practice.

Within this strategy a Lone Worker Policy sets out the intentions of the principal officers of an organisation in showing how they expect to manage lone working staff and keep them safe.

This is good governance and an important means of communicating their intentions to the workforce.  Describing the systems and procedures that will monitor its requirements and effectiveness, will make sure everyone in the business knows what is expected of them; managers and managed alike.

The ongoing processes of risk identification, assessment and mitigation, training, continuous improvement, and co-operation between all levels of management and staff reflect good practices that will help keep lone workers free from harm.

This will have financial and HR benefits and protect the organisation’s reputation

And keep it out of the courts.

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