Accredited Companies


List of Accredited Companies

This list is designed as a point of reference for:

  •  Companies and organisations considering a supplier of Lone Worker services
  • A basis for companies accredited to BS8484 being shown as such on the Suzy Lamplugh Trust Lone Worker Device Directory: see
  • An independent list of accredited companies for suppliers to use with prospective customers

It is compiled from entries in the NSI and SSAIB web sites. It is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all BS8484 accredited companies.

The parts of the standard are;

  • BS8484 Part 4; the company, its stability, insurance, premises, staff and financial backing.
  • BS8484 Part 5; products, (devices and apps) and their fitness for purpose.
  • BS8484 Part 6; the Alarm Receiving Centre and its capability to monitor lone worker alarms.

Part 5 is generally not entered on the list because while NSI and SSAIB will check the performance of the device/app against the functional requirement of Part 5, they are not claim the expertise for technical certification so they do not certify it as such. Also several companies provide a range of devices/apps, some of which may not meet the standard.  Customers are recommended to make sure the device/app they select does meet the standard by checking the Part 5 self-certificate and the accompanying technical file.

If any supplier company would like to be added to this list please send a copy of your BS8484 certificate to

Company name
Web site
Secured by Design
Alert ServicesPart 6
Blackline Safety EuropeParts 4 and
CommunicareParts 4 & 6 www.communicare247.comOwn ARCArchangel SaaS for (LWD) services and Assisted Living.
SSAIB certified
ISO 9001:2000
SGS certified
Community Safety GlasgowPart 6
Corps MonitoringPart
Cougar Monitoring LtdPart
Custodian MonitoringPart 6
First2HelpYouParts 4, 5 & is First County Monitoring
First County MonitoringPart

G4S Fire & Security Systems (UK), (Belfast)Part
G4S Secure Solutions (UK) (Sutton)Part
G4S Secure Solutions (UK) Ltd (Belfast)Part
Guardian 24Part 4 owned by Send for Help Group
London Borough of Enfield (EPSC)Part 6
Lone Worker Solutions LtdPart
LONEALERTParts 4, 5 and
Mitie Security LtdPart 6
National MonitoringParts 4 and 6
Parts 4 and 6Click for web site
PanicGuardPart 5, Smartphone app with Control Panel for iPhone, Android and Blackberrywww.panicguard.comPanicGuard personal tracking mobile phone application.
Professional Witnesses LtdPart
Re:SurePart 4
Reliance High TechParts 4, 5 &

Rocksure Systems LtdPart 4, 5 and
Safe Shores MonitoringParts 4, 5, 6 &
SEAK Global LtdParts 4, 5 and
Secom PlcParts 4 &
Securi-Guard Monitoring
SeftonArcParts 4 &
Send For Help Group
Skyguard, Guardian24 and Rocksure
Skyguard Ltd
Parts 4, 5, 6 and 7 Own ARC dedicated to Lone Worker monitoring only. GEMShield LW Device
MySOS LW Device, ARC
BS EN 9001:2008
NSI ARC Gold. Now owned by Send for Help Group
SoloProtect Ltd
Parts 4, 5, 6 and 7 ID, ID Pro, Go and WatchOwn ARC dedicated to LW incident monitoring
Stanley Security GBParts 4 &
StaySafe (Safe Apps Ltd)Part 4, 5 and
VPS Site Security LimitedPart