Customer Benefits


How will BS8484 benefit users of lone worker services?

  1. Best practice. Proper application of the standard will help employers with lone workers to protect them by selecting a reputable and certified supplier whose service meets the standard.
  2. Improved staff safety. If applied properly BS8484 means that those for whom they are responsible are safer than they would otherwise be because they can call for help if they are in trouble.
  3. Protection against litigation. Organisations that apply the standard, following a proper risk assessment, meet their responsibilities under H&S legislation for their Duty of Care and are therefor much better protected in law against litigation or, for example, action under the Corporate Manslaughter Act.
  4. Speed of response. When a Lone Worker activates their personal safety alarm, the police will react with the highest level of response available, (subject to available resources), because they know it comes from an accredited ARC and is likely to be a genuine request for help and unlikely to be a false alarm.