Response Services


Who are the Response Services and why are they important?

Response services are all-important – the main purpose of all lone worker services is to get the right response to the right place at the right time.

There are a variety of organisations who can provide such a response;

  • Primarily they are the Emergency Services; mainly police and ambulance but also mountain rescue, cave rescue and coastguard can all be accessed through the police
  • Customers own staff; managers, supervisors or own security officers
  • A contracted service such as a security company providing a mobile response service

Note; Security companies providing a lone worker response should be accredited to BS7984-Part 2:2014

While the Emergency Services will of course respond to 999 calls, the highest priority and therefore speediest response goes to ARCs who are registered with each Police Control room and who can contact those control rooms directly by-passing the 999 system.

To receive this highest level of response ARCs must be: 

  • certified to BS8484 by NSI or SSAIB
  • pre-registered and issued with a unique identifier called a URN