What Does It Say?


The standard comes in 4 Parts. These are some of the main provisions;

Part 4 refers to companies providing Lone Worker services. It requires them to be;

  • of sound financial standing
  • have proper offices
  • sufficient staff to provide the service they are selling
  • be fully insured
  • have appropriate and sufficient procedures
  • have staff who are security screened
  • have appropriate data protection policies for any personal information they may hold

Part 5 refers to devices or services which enable an alarm to be raised. It covers such matters as;

  • Can it provide an accurate position?
  • Has it got proper communications?
  • Can it be discretely activated?
  • Can the Controller in the ARC let the individual know, discretely, that they are listening?

 Part 6 refers to the Alarm receiving Centre (ARC):

  • for a Level 1 police response it must be certified to British Standard 5979 Category 2 (a standard for centres that receive and monitors; intruder alarms, CCTV, stolen vehicles and now Lone Workers)
  • controllers must be fully trained and only respond to Lone Worker alarms on their shift
  • only accept Lone Worker alarms from devices supplied by companies certified to BS8484 Parts 4 and 5
  • have pre-arranged Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) with all police forces it may need to call on for a response

 Part 7 refers to Response Services; it states that when a security industry response provider is used they should be certified to BS7984.  Although this standard applies mainly to response to intruder alarms and response officers may not be specifically trained in first aid or what to do in hostage situations.