What is BS8484?


BS8484’s official title is the ‘Code of Practice for the provision of lone worker device services’.
It’s origins lie with ACPO’s need to control false alarms. For more detail click here

The standard has 4 main parts:

Part 4 lays down the requirements for companies offering Lone Worker services to ensure they are competent to do so. Click here for more detail.

Part 5 refers to the capability and functionality of the device or app to ensure it is fit for purpose.  The devices or app can be self-certified by the manufacturer but that must be supported by a comprehensive technical file.  Click here for more detail.

Part 6 refers to the Alarm Monitoring Centre (ARC) which has the key role of receiving Lone Worker alarms, verifying them as genuine before passing them on to the appropriate Response services for action.  The ARC must meet the requirements of BS8484 and either BS5979 Cat 2 or BS8591.   More details here.  Together these make the ARC suitable in police eyes for monitoring Lone Worker alarms and by-passing the somewhat cumbersome and occasionally slow 999 system by going direct to the appropriate police control room. Click here for more detail.

Part 7 refers to response organisations which will soon be augmented by the services of suitable security companies which meet the demands of a new version of BS7984 for Alarm Response services.  Click here for more detail

A Code of Practice has no legitimacy until an organisation establishes it as a requirement.

In this case two organisations have done so;

  • National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) has stated it is a requirement that any organisation which supplies Lone Worker services must be certified to BS8484 before they can receive the highest level of police response
  • The BSIA (British Security Industry Association), requires all members of their Lone Worker Section to be fully certified to BS8484.  There is a period of grace for new members who must demonstrate their intention to meet the standard within 12 months of joining.

All ARCs which monitor Lone Worker alarms must be certified to Part 6 of the standard, (in addition to being certified to BS5979 Category 2) and must be satisfied that the alarms originate from personal safety devices which are certified to BS8484 (Part 5), as are the suppliers of those devices (Part 4)

Only 2 organisations are licensed to provide such certification; the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and SSAIB

The standard can be purchased from the British Standards Institute (BSI).