Why Does It Exist?


Why does BS8484 exist?

BS8484 exists because the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), or ACPO as it was at the time, which has the responsibility of controlling police response to alarms, wanted to control what they foresaw as an expanding market with probable demands on their response resources.

Their experience with the intruder alarm industry was that lack of control at an early stage in the market led to a huge number of false alarms with a consequent waste of those precious resources.

Therefor, they argued, an early method of control was essential to manage the rate of Lone Worker false alarms.

The result was BS8484 and to date the level of false alarms is less than 0.1%, with which the NPCC has expressed themselves as satisfied.     By introducing BS8484 at an early stage the Lone Worker industry has avoided the  many years of hard work by the intruder alarm industry necessary to reduced false alarms to the current manageable level of about 0.1%.